Join us for breakfast at the Pug Cafe Brighton

Calling all pug owners! Join us for your morning brew and a puguccino or two…

We still have space in our newly opened 9am slot at the Pop Up Pug Cafe Brighton so if you fancy visiting our amazing venue Cafe Plenty for a delicious breakfast, send us your request now.

Bertie outside pop up pug cafe brighton

You just need to email and include your name, your pug’s name and photos, contact number and how many guests you would like to bring.

We will try our best to accommodate your request. So whether you are a local Brighton pug owner or fancy a totally pawsome day by the sea, book in now for the Pug Cafe.

Ice Tea at Pug Cafe
Grab an ice tea to go with your puguccino…

The team at Cafe Plenty are hard at work creating a menu especially for pugs, there’ll be something for every furry including savoury treats, baked goodies and even some pugcicles.

If that’s not enough tempt you into bringing your pug to our famous event then check out the amazing food for humans too…

Breakfast treats at Pug Cafe
Buttery croissants and macaroon cupcakes!
Mmm, dougnuts.
Full breakfast at Pug Cafe
How do you like your eggs in the morning?

If you are pug lover, we are very sorry but we have a waiting list for pug lover slots. If you would like to join the list, please send us a request to

Pugs and Hugs


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