Important Information for Brighton attendees!

Pop Up Pug Cafe Brighton will open on Saturday 22nd July 2017 9am – 6.45pm.

This event is strict booking only so please do not turn up without a confirmed booking as we will be very sad to turn you away.

Pug Etiquette

Please keep a very close eye on your pug(s) at all times, the person who is named on the booking is responsible for their pug(s). Pug owners are responsible for the actions of their own pug, and we cannot take responsibility for the care of your pug while at the event.

If your pug(s) shows any aggression towards another pug you will be asked to take them outside for time out. While we understand this is a new experience for your pug, we take it in good faith that you trust your pug to be friendly, well behaved and well socialised with other dogs as confirmed at the time of booking.

When all the pugs in the time slot have arrived, we close the doors and you can let your pug off lead. We trust you will keep an eye on your pug as they play and run around. Please be extra careful around the counter and kitchen area, while we will do everything possible to make it safe for your pug, we ask you exercise caution.

Bertie outside pop up pug cafe brighton

Pug Lovers

We can’t wait to meet you all! You can look forward to meeting lots of lovely pugs, but please always remain respectful to the pugs and the pug owners. Some pugs may be super friendly and happy to cuddle and be stroked, while others may feel overwhelmed – it’s always best to ask the owner if in doubt.

Arriving at Pop Up Pug Cafe Brighton

Please feel free to come early to Cafe Plenty, but not too early! Please arrive 10 minutes before your allocated time slot so you can check in at the door. You will be asked to show your booking confirmation which you can print off or show us on your phone. Either way please have it ready to show us.

There is an outdoor area at the front of Cafe Plenty, this will be used as a ‘holding area’ so feel free to meet your fellow pug cafe guests and get acquainted outside before your slot. This would also be a good chance for your pug to do the necessary and pee and poo beforehand!

Food & Drink

Puguccinos and water are free, but all other drinks and food (for both pugs and humans) are chargeable as normal. Cafe Plenty will run their normal menu for humans, as well as a menu specially for pugs too. Please refrain from bringing your own drinks and food, like you would any normal coffee shop, unless it is for babies or young children.

Cafe Plenty have created a bespoke menu especially for pugs which will be revealed on the day. Everything is made from dog-friendly, natural and where possible, organic ingredients. A full list of ingredients in all items will be kept on site, as is required.

Please be careful when eating foods such as chocolate around your pug(s) and be mindful of other people’s pugs as we cannot take responsibility if they accidentally ingest food that they cannot eat.

Inside Cafe Plenty Pop Up Pug Cafe Venue


You never can tell with the Great British Weather so please prepare for both hot and cold weather. We ask you bring sufficient cooling aids for your pug in the event of a hot day. The venue itself is large and airy with very high ceilings, but we will have suitable temperature control and will provide plenty of fresh water for the pugs.

Bookings & Cancellations

We do have restricted numbers on the day so please do not expect hundreds of pugs all in one place all at the same time! We very carefully plan the time slots so that there is enough space for both humans and pugs – health and safety remains our top priority at our events.

While we do everything possible to minimise no-shows from guests, we also cannot guarantee everyone that has booked will turn up on the day. If lots of pug owners do not turn up for their time slot then unfortunately we cannot help this – there will be less pugs in that time slot.

Press & Filming

Say cheese! We will be taking photos and video footage throughout the day. There will also be press present during some time slots, but you will be made aware of this at the time.

Social Sharing

We would love for you to share your photos and videos of your experience! Please upload your photos and videos of the Pug Cafe using the hashtag #popuppugcafe and #pugcafe so we can see them. Feel free to tag us in too – or

Inside cafe Plenty Brighton

Car Parking

The nearest car park is Vantage Point 3 Elder Pl, Brighton BN1 4GY. This is just 1 minute walk to the Cafe Plenty, and has 80 spaces available at £3 for 2 hours. Please note, this car park is busy at weekends so you may find it difficult to find space in a hurry. We suggest coming early to ensure you find a parking spot.

The second nearest car park space is at Brighton & Hove City Council Car Park
London Road, New England Street, Brighton BN1 4GE. This car park is a 3 minute walk to Cafe Plenty and has 528 car park spaces available at £3 for 2 hours and £6 for 4 hours.

The third closest car park is Southern Brighton Station, Stroudley Road, Brighton
BN1 3XP. This car park is 5 minutes away from Cafe Plenty and there are 600 spaces available at £2.50 for 2 hours.

For a full list of car parks please visit Parkopedia.


Nearest train stations are London Road Brighton (8 minute walk) & Brighton (10 minute walk).


If for any reason your pug requires veterinary help, the closest veterinary clinics are:
Grove Lodge 104 Preston Drove, Brighton BN1 6EW Tel: 01273 558838 Their 24 hour helpline number is 01903 234866

Wilbury Veterinary Surgery 20 Wilbury Ave, Hove BN3 6HR Tel: 01273 737924

St Francis Veterinary Surgery 40 Norfolk Square Brighton BN1 2PE Tel: 01273 770800

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