Manchester Pug Cafe – Guest Information

Pug Cafe Manchester Year of the Dog is strictly booking only. If you have a confirmed booking for Sunday 4th March please have a read of the following information.

Pug Etiquette & Care

We ask all pug owners to please keep a very close eye on your pug at all times as we cannot take responsibility of their care while at Pug Cafe.

If your pug shows any aggression towards another pug or human you may be asked to take them outside for some time out. While we understand this may be a new experience for your pug, we expect – from your agreement of the booking terms – that your dog is well behaved and well socialised.

Pug owners are fully responsible for the actions of their own pug. While The Pen & Pencil and Pug Cafe have suitable Public Liability insurance in place, you must ensure your pet insurance includes Public Liability which will cover you in the event your pug harms another pug or person.

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The event will be held at The Pen & Pencil which is normal cafe/bar setting. While we will do everything possible to make it it safe and secure for your pug to be allowed off-lead inside, we ask you keep a very close eye on them.

There will be plenty of fresh water at Pug Cafe, but please bring any cooling aids that your pug may need. If your pug is in a costume or special outfit please be mindful of your pug overheating. If they need fresh air at any point we can let you out so please just ask.

Please make sure your pug has peed and pooped prior to your time slot. If you pug toilets inside the venue we will have cleaning supplies and dog poo bags on hand for you to clean it.

Pug Lovers

Pug lovers really make our events special and we really want you to enjoy this experience as much as possible! From past events we have found pug lovers really have a great time when they get as close to the puggy action as possible so please don’t be afraid to sit down on the floor and get involved.

Please be respectful to pugs and their owners. Pugs are all different and some may love the attention, but others may be timid or have special needs, please ask the owner if in doubt.

Please note, Pug Cafe do not hire pugs for the day nor do we have ‘resident’ pugs who stay there the whole day. Pug Cafe is first and foremost an event for pugs and our priority is giving them a very special and safe time. As a pug lover we invite you to come and enjoy this experience with them, and make some new pug friends. We encourage you to talk to other pug owners and pug lovers, and really make the most of your time here.

Note that due to the unique nature of the event, if there are no-shows from pug owners there won’t be as many pugs as we had planned so please understand this is beyond our control.

Arrival at Pug Cafe

We know many of you like to come nice and early to our events, especially if you are travelling from far, but please do not come to The Pen & Pencil too early.

The Pen & Pencil is located on a main road and there will be no ‘holding area’ for you to wait. We strongly recommend you do not arrive any more than 5 minute before your time slot.

Upon arriving, please form an orderly queue outside the entrance.

Confirmation Email & Entering

Please show us your booking confirmation either on your phone or printed off. A Pug Cafe team member will check your confirmation email and tick you off the list! Your time slot will be 70 minutes long, and while you are allowed to leave early at any time, if you arrive late unfortunately you won’t be able to stay longer than your allocated time.

If you arrive late or need to leave early, please ask a Pug Cafe team member to help you enter and leave safely. As there are pugs off lead inside, we cannot let you open the doors alone.

The main entrance

Pug Cafe is an off-lead event which means there will be pugs off lead and running about. We do everything possible to secure the venue and keeping the door closed is very important.

We keep a dog barrier in front of the door so please help us keep this event safe for pugs by not removing the barrier and trying to open the door by yourself. There will be a member of staff on hand by the door to help you leave safely if you need to.

Inside the Venue

The Pen & Pencil is a spacious, modern venue with a mix of large group tables and bar tables. With a delicious menu on offer for humans including coffees, teas, cakes, savoury dishes, cocktails and more – there will be plenty of choice! Please order your food and drinks from the bar area.

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 14.11.45

Please be aware there may be small queues so please take a seat, enjoy your time and order when you can. The Pen and Pencil will be working extra hard to make sure you are served quickly.

We do not reserve tables for guests so please find a table or seat when you arrive and get comfy! There will be enough seating for every guest.

Food & Drink

Puguccinos are free, but all other drinks and food (for both pugs and humans) are chargeable as normal. The Pen & Pencil will run their normal menu for humans. Alongside this, Pug Cafe will provide a menu especially for pugs.

While The Pen & Pencil will be able to take card payments as normal for human food and drink orders, Pug Cafe will only be able to accept CASH for pug food purchases.
The menu for pugs is proudly brought to you by Rudi’s – The Doggy Bakery, all items are natural and homemade from Rudi’s kitchen! Healthy ingredients are used where possible with no nasties.


If you would like to know specific ingredients, please ask a Pug Cafe team member who will be able to provide an ingredients list for you. Please note, Pug Cafe does not take responsibility if your pug accidentally eats something they cannot eat.

The puguccino consists of a paper espresso cup with a small amount of light whipped cream. This is only meant as a one-off treat and you are not obliged to take it if you do not want to. If your pug does not react well to dairy there will be plenty of fresh water instead.

Social Sharing

We would love for you to share photos of your experience at Pug Cafe. Please upload your photos and videos using the hashtag #pugcafe so we can see them. If you could tag both Pug Cafe and The Pen & Pencil into any posts we would really appreciate it. or or

Car Parking

The Pen & Pencil does not have on-site parking however there are a few different options around the area, with the nearest AND largest car parks being:

SIP Car Parks Limited, Port Street, Manchester M1 2EG


CitiPark 75 Dale St, Manchester M1 2EQ


NCP Piccadilly Gardens, Chatham St, Manchester M1 3AY

Please check parking in advance by searching with the venue address – Fourways House, 57 Hilton St, Manchester M1 2EJ

For cheaper car parking alternatives that can be pre-booked please visit


Nearest train station to The Pen & Pencil NQ is Manchester Picaddily which is 7 minute walk away.

First Aid

Pug Cafe team members are trained in dog first aid so if you have any concerns please see James at the venue. If for any reason your pug requires urgent veterinary help, we will help you call the VetsNow Out of Hours number – 0161 826 3848 to arrange an emergency appointment at the nearest vet.

Press, Photos and Filming

Smile! There will be journalists and press present during some time slots so you might see some filming taking place.

Pug Cafe will take as many photos as possible, but we cannot guarantee we will be able to photograph every pug. If you would specifically like your photo taken with your pug please look out for Anushka who will happily snap your pic!


The Met Office has issued red weather warning around the UK and snow is expected to fall in many areas. We expect and hope the Greater Manchester area will not be effected on Sunday 4th March.

Pug Cafe New Year ChineseThe Pug Cafe team will keep you notified of any changes to the event.

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