Pug Cafe presents Dachshund Cafe – Important Guest Information

Our Pug Cafe presents Dachshund Cafe is a strict booking only event. If you have a confirmed booking and are attending this Sunday 25th March, please have a read of the following information prior to your visit.


Dachshund Etiquette & Care

Pug Cafe presents Dachshund cafe is the first of it’s kind so thank you for making your booking and being part of our very first event for Dachshunds! Pug Cafe has experience in hosting safe and fun cafe events for dogs, and cannot wait to see you all very soon.
Please read the following advice to ensure our event is safe and fun for all those attending.

Please keep a watch over your dachshund at the event as we cannot take responsibility of their care while at Dachshund Cafe. While we will do everything possible to make it it safe and secure for them to be allowed off-lead inside, we ask you do still keep a close eye.

Dachshund Owners are responsible for the actions of their own Dachshund. Pug Cafe and Esquires Coffee Guildford take no responsibility if your dachshund harms another dog or person. While Esquires Coffee Guildford and Pug Cafe have suitable Public Liability insurance in place, it is your responsibility to ensure your pet insurance includes Public Liability that will cover you in the event your dachshund harms another dog or person.

The coffee shop is a very small space and we understand it may take a while for your dog to settle into the environment If you feel your dachshund is really not enjoying the cafe then you are able to leave at any time – please just ask a member of staff to help you leave safely.

Please make sure your Dachshund has peed and pooped prior to your time slot. If they have an accident and toilet inside the venue, don’t worry, we will have cleaning supplies and dog poo bags on hand for you.

Dachshund Lovers

Dog lovers really make our events special and we really want you to enjoy this experience as much as possible! From past events we have found dog lovers really have a great time when they get as close to the action as possible so please don’t be afraid to sit on the floor and get involved.

Please note that all Dachshunds are different and while some may like to be stroked and played with, others may be timid or anxious around strangers so please do ask the owner if in doubt.

Pug Cafe does not hire dogs for the day at events nor do we have ‘resident’ dogs who stay there the whole day. first and foremost an event for dogs and our priority is giving the Dachshunds at this event a very special and safe time. As a Dachshund lover we invite you to come and enjoy this experience with them, and make some new furry friends. We encourage you to talk to owners, and really make the most of your time here.

Due to the unique nature of the event, if there are no-shows from owners there won’t be as many dachshunds as we had planned so please understand this is beyond our control.

Arrival at Dachshund Cafe

Esquires Coffee Guildford l is located on a main road and there will be no ‘holding area’ for you to wait so we strongly recommend you do not arrive any more than 5-10 minutes before your time slot. Upon arriving, please form an orderly queue outside the entrance.

A good spot to wait if you are early would be the green to the right of G Live. This is almost opposite Esquires Coffee and is an ideal place for your dachshund to have a pee and poo before their time slot. There are dog-poo bins located on the green.


Confirmation Email & Entering

Please show us your booking confirmation either on your phone or printed off. A Pug Cafe team member will check your confirmation email and tick you off the list!
Your time slot will be 70 minutes long, and while you are allowed to leave early at any time, if you arrive late, unfortunately, you won’t be able to stay longer than your allocated time.

If you arrive late or need to leave early, please ask a Pug Cafe team member to help you enter and leave safely. As there are dachshunds off lead inside, you must not open the doors alone.

Inside Esquires Coffee Guildford

The venue is a cosey cafe with a mix of standard seating, sofas, fabric chairs and high bar stools. We do not reserve tables but there will be enough seats for the amount of guests attending so we ask you enter and find a seat that is best for you.

We ask to please consider your party size so for example if you are a party of 2 please do not take a seat for 4 people. It is much appreciated.

Please be aware there may be queues so please take a seat, enjoy your time and order when you can. The team will be working extra hard to make sure you are served quickly.

Safety at Esquires Coffee Guildford

Pug Cafe presents Dachshund Cafe is an off-lead event which means there will be dogs off lead inside. We do everything possible to secure the venue and keeping the main door closed is very important. Please do not open the door once inside, there will be a member of staff on hand by the door to help you leave safely if you need to.

Food & Drink

Pupuccinos are free, but all other drinks and food (for both dachshunds and humans) are chargeable as normal. Esquires Coffee Guildford will run their normal menu for humans, as well as a menu specially for dachshunds too. Please refrain from bringing your own drinks and food, like you would any normal coffee shop, unless it is for babies or young children.

The pupuccino consists of a paper espresso cup with a small amount of light whipped cream (no sugar). This is only meant as a one-off treat and you are not obliged to take it if you do not want to. If your dog does not react well to dairy there will be plenty of water instead.The pupuccinos will be served half way through the event and will be handed out by Esquires Coffee Guildford team members.


Esquires Coffee have created a bespoke menu especially for dachshunds, made from dog-friendly, natural and where possible, organic ingredients. These include banana, honey and carob powder. If your dachshund has special dietery requirements please ask an Esquires team member who will be able to provide an ingredients list for you.

Esquires Coffee will be serving their human menu too so please be careful when eating foods such as chocolate around the dachshunds – we cannot take responsibility if they accidentally ingests food that they cannot eat.

Press & Filming

Smile! There will be time slots where press will be there and there may be some short filming – you will be made aware of this at the time, don’t worry. We will be taking plenty of photos and videos on the day and hope you will too!

We may not be able to capture every Dachshund or guest so if you would like your photo taken please ask Anushka who will happily snap you. If for any reason you would prefer not to be photographed or filmed please let us know.

Social Sharing

We would love for you to share photos of your experience at Pug Cafe presents Dachshund Cafe. Please upload your photos and videos using the hashtag #dachshundcafe so we can see them.

If you could tag both our new page Dachshund Cafe and Esquires Coffee Guildford into any posts that would be much appreciated.
facebook.com/DachshundCafeUK / facebook.com/EsquiresCoffeeGuildford
instagram.com/thedachshundcafe / instagram.com/esquiresguildford

Please understand this is the first Dachshund event Pug Cafe is hosting and is a new experience for Dachshunds. If you have any complaints we sincerely ask you speak to Anushka or Nicci who will be on hand to help with any issues, before posting any grievances online.

Car Parking

The nearest car park is at G Live (opposite Esquires) – the address for this is 16 Dene Rd, Guildford GU1 4DB. The next closest and the biggest car park is the York Road Multi-storey Car Park which is on York Road Guildford GU1 4DS.

For a full list of Guildford town car parks please search Parkopedia with the posctode GU1 4DS or for cheaper alternatives please visit JustPark.


Nearest train stations t0 Esquires Coffee Guildford are London Road Guildford (6 minute walk) & Guildford (16 minute walk).

Vets & First Aid

A member of the Pug Cafe team will be dog first aid trained so please see James if you have any concerns. If for any reason your pug requires veterinary help, the closest veterinary clinic that is open on Sunday is Pet Doctors and they are at 81 Epsom Road Guildford GU1 3PA. Their phone number is 01483 566322.

Alternatively, you can call the VetsNow Out of Hours number – 01483 346203 to arrange an emergency appointment at the nearest vet.

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