Day of the Dead Event also coming to Manchester! (Booking & Event FAQ)

Thought our Day of the Dead was event was just for London? We’re bringing the paw-ty to the North West too…

Come join us at the BIGGEST paw-ty for FURRIES in Manchester brought to you by Pug Cafe, Dachshund Cafe and Frenchie Cafe.

It’s Howl-O-Ween so come help us Celebrate the Day of the Dead at this huge event at Revolution Parsonage Gardens on Sunday 28th October.

We’ll be welcoming the Pugs & Sausages to our Manchester event to celebrate Mexico’s famous Día de los Muertos. BUT, REMEMBER! All slots are breed specific.

Expect our famous Pug Cafe paw-ty atmosphere, but filled with LOTS of Day of the Dead TRICKS and plenty of TREATS! Day of the Dead celebrates the dead with plenty of COLOUR, GLITTER, FLOWERS, SKULLS, BUTTERFLIES and more.

Your dog will get to show off their Mexican style, meet lots of fellow furry and fabulous friends, tuck into a menu of spooky themed doggy treats, and pose for the PUParazzi. Plus, there’ll be plenty of scary photo opps, and of prizes for Best Costumes.

HUMANS! We want you to enjoy this paw-ty too so there’ll be delicious Howl-O-Ween cocktail pitchers, spooky spritzes and drinks on offer. Plus, a themed menu of delicious canapes, main meals and sweet treats just for you!

Want to EXTEND your Pug Cafe experience? You’re welcome to join us in the main area of Revolution after your slot to continue the paw-ty (the event itself will happen in the private area).

There will be a devishly delicious menu dedicated to dogs including Halloween PUPcakes, DOGnuts, Skull Cookies, & more from Rudi’s The Doggy Bakery.

Don’t forget, each dog attending will get a Pumpkin Spice PUPuccino, and free bag of delicious PUPcorn.

If you don’t have your own little pug or sausage dog, don’t worry, dog lovers are ALWAYS welcome! This is the perfect opportunity to play Trick or Treat with a whole load of dogs, enjoy plenty of cuddles and make some furry friends.

Dog and Human fancy dress is optional but there will be prizes for the best-dressed dogs (& Humans for those brave enough!) in each time slot.

Booking for this event for all three breeds goes LIVE Saturday 29th Sept at 10am. 


When and where is this Pop Up Cafe event?

Sunday 28th October 2018 at Revolution Parsonage Gardens, Arkwright House, Parsonage Gardens, Manchester M3 2LF.

We are taking over the Private Area of the venue.

pug cafe dachshund cafe day of the dead halloween manchester

Do I need a booking?

Yes! You need a confirmed booking to attend as all Pug Cafe events are strictly booking only and we do not allow walk-ins.

Is this event for all breeds?

We will be welcoming Pugs & Dachshunds to this event as it is in collaboration with our sister pop up event Dachshund Cafe.

However, all the time slots are BREED SPECIFIC so each breed will have their own time slot. The breed specific time slots are as follows:

9am – Pug

10.10am – Dachshund

11.20am – Pug

12.30pm – Dachshund

1.40pm – Pug

2.50pm – Dachshund

4pm – Pug

5.10pm – Dachshund

6.20pm – Pug

Is this a Halloween event?

Yes, we love Halloween! However, we are celebrating with a Day of the Dead theme which is a Mexican holiday that celebrates the dead with lots of neon, colour, skulls, glitter and more. Google ‘Day of the Dead’ for an idea of what to expect.

How do I book if I am a PUG OR DACHSHUND OWNER?

Booking opens on Saturday 29th September at 10am. At this time, we will release two email addresses – one for Owners and one for Lovers – for each breed.

You will need to EMAIL US immediately with the following information:

1. Your Full Name
2. Number of Dogs – include names and photos
3. Number of Humans – include ages of children 16 & under so we can calculate your discount
4. Your 1st and 2nd preferred time slots. If you are completely flexible please state so but only if you are 100% flexible.

Our previous events have been extremely popular so we strongly advise you send your booking request as soon as the booking email is released if you hope to be successful. It is worth preparing the email in advance and keep it ready to send.

What are the time slots available?

10am – French Bulldogs

11.10am – Pugs

12.20pm – Dachshunds

1.30pm – French Bulldogs

2.40pm – Pugs

3.50pm – Dachshunds

5pm – Pugs

6.10pm – French Bulldogs

If there are only 2 or 3 time slots for my breed of dog does this mean I have a slim chance of coming?

Absolutely not. We are taking over the entire venue of the large Happenstance venue and we’ll be welcoming lots of pugs and humans into each time slot. There will be plenty of room for our guests.

dachshund cafe halloween day of the dead london

How do I book if I am a DOG LOVER?

Booking also opens on Sunday 23rd September at 9am.

You will need to decide which breed you want to see at this event, and pick the right time slot for you – if you wish to come to more than one time slot then you can pay for additional booking.

At this time, we will release two email addresses – one for Owners and one for Lovers – for each breed. You will need to email us immediately with your booking request to the Lovers email for the slot of the breed of dog you wish to come to!

You will need to email us with the following details:

1. Your Full Name
2. Total Humans – please include ages of children 16 and under
3. Contact Number
4. Your 1st and 2nd preferred time slots. If you are completely flexible please state so but only if you are 100% flexible.

Where will the email addresses be published?

You will find the booking email addresses on:

PUG,,, Facebook Event Page and PUGCAFE Facebook group.

DACHSHUND,,, Facebook Event Page and DACHSHUND CAFE Facebook group.

What happens after I’ve sent you my booking request?

We will start processing the requests in the order we receive them, and you should start to hear back within 12 hours but it can take up to 3 days.

If you have been successful we will reply to you offering you a time slot, and include the terms of your booking, if you agree you will need to make payment via PayPal.M

If we are already fully booked by the time we get to your booking email, we will email you to let you know and ask if you would like to join our waiting list. We will then contact you if and when space becomes available.

How do I pay if I have been successful with my request?

You will need to pay via the PayPal.Me link we send you so please ensure you have signed up for a PayPal account prior to booking.

You must pay your booking fee within 48 hours.We will then send your confirmation email to you once we have received payment.

frenchie cafe halloween day of the dead london

How much is the booking fee?

£7.50 each for Dog Owners and £12 each for Dog Lovers.

Children 16 and under receive a 25% discount.

Children 6 and under go FREE.

All Dogs go FREE.

What does the booking fee include?

Primarily, the booking fee covers your entry to the event. We charge a fee as it takes time and resources to organise events of this scale, and we have a team of staff who work hard to ensure this event is enjoyed by both dogs and humans.

Dog Owners will receive a puguccino and a bag of pupcorn for each of their Dogs, and Dog Lovers will receive a free bag of dog treats so they can make friends with the Dogs.

Professional photos taken at the event are also available online post-event, FREE of charge.

Has your pricing changed?

Our booking fee changes for all events depending on size, location and type of event.

However, we have changed our pricing structure so that all adult guests are now charged the same price regardless of how many dogs they bring. This means we no longer charge a higher price for additional guests in your party.

We have also introduced a discount for all children 16 and under. For this event, the discount is 25%. Additionally, all children 6 or under now go free.

If I have not heard back from you after sending my booking request, what shall I do?

Please note it may take up to 72 hours to hear from us. Please be patient with us during this time, we’ll always endeavour to help but we’re a small team so may take us longer to respond.

If it has been longer than 3 days please send us a message via Facebook or email us and we’ll be able to let you know the status of your booking request and answer any questions.

Do I need to print off my booking confirmation?

Yes please, print your booking confirmation email and bring it with you on the day. Alternatively, you can also show it to us on your phone if this is more convenient for you.

dachshund cafe halloween day of the dead london

Can I swap my slot with someone else?

Please do not swap your slot with another guest or give away your time slot whether that be personally, via online giveaway or competition. It is forbidden to sell your booking on.

All changes must be made through Pug Cafe via the booking email. We only accept transfer requests if you are ill, your pug is unwell or has come into season, or you have extenuating circumstances, and it will always be at the discretion of the Pug Cafe team.

Do you have a refund policy?

We operate a refund policy and this will be outlined to you in your booking terms.

Can I just turn up?

We are sorry but we ask you do not come to the Pug Cafe without a confirmed booking to avoid disappointment. You will not be able to come in without a booking.

Does my pug have to meet certain criteria to attend?

Yes! If you are bringing your dog, they must be:

Up to to date with their vaccinations
Friendly and well socialised with other dogs
Well behaved and unlikely to show aggression to other dogs
Healthy and not showing any symptoms of contagious illness nor suffering (or recently suffered) from Kennel Cough.
Not in season at the event

Will the venue be open as normal that day?

The Private Area where the event will be held will be closed to the public during the event.

Will it be safe?

Our main priority is to host a safe and fun event for all which is why we take bookings and adhere to a strict capacity limit. This is a risk-assessed event, and we will do everything possible to ensure it is safe for all those attending.

Pug Cafe does not use a third party ticketing site due to the unique nature of the event. We must take personal bookings to ensure it is as safe for both pugs as it is humans.

pug cafe halloween day of the dead london

How many dogs can I bring?

Maximum four, but if you want to bring more please put in a request in your booking request email. It may not be fulfilled, but we will try our best to accommodate you.

Always ensure you are bringing enough people to help take care of all your dogs!

Please do not make large group bookings, if you wish to be in the same slot as your friends then please let us know in your email and we will always try our best to accommodate you.

Are other breeds allowed to attend?

This event is specifically for Pugs & Dachshunds only.

For the Pug time slots we can ONLY welcome pugs and pug crosses.

For the Dachshund time slots we can ONLY welcomeDachshunds and Dachshund crosses.

My dog has never been to a coffee shop or cafe before – shall I bring them?

We recommend taking your dog to a dog-friendly coffee shop, restaurant, bar or café prior to the event to ensure they are OK in this environment. If your dog finds it stressful in any way, please do not bring them to the event and contact us asap.

Do I need a dog to attend?

Our events are primarily for dog owners, but we have plenty of allocated spaces available for dog lovers too. This venue is large, and we welcome those without dogs to come and join us at this event, and enjoy making some new furry friends!

Where is the nearest station?

Salford Central is a 9 minute walk away, and Manchester Oxford Road is 17 minute walk.

Is there car parking available?

There is no on-site car parking, but there are several parking options available, please search Parkopedia with the address Revolution Parsonage Gardens, Arkwright House, Parsonage Gardens, Manchester M3 2LF.

We will upload our recommended list of car parks nearer the event date.

How can I find out who else is attending?

Please join our exclusive (but oh so friendly!) Facebook groups to meet Day of the Dead guests.




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