Booking for Liverpool Christmas Cafe is now OPEN!

Book NOW for part 2 of our most exciting Christmas events yet…

Pug Cafe has joined forces with sister pop ups Dachshund Cafe and Frenchie Cafe to host one HUGE Christmas party in Liverpool.

This event will take place on Sunday 16th December at Yard & Coop.

This event welcomes Pugs, Dachshunds and French Bulldogs but remember each time slot is breed specific.

PUGS – 10.15am, 2pm & 6.45pm

FRENCHIES – 11.30am, 3.10pm & 5.30pm

DACHSHUNDS – 9am, 12.45pm & 4.20pm

If you want to join us for our epic Christmas party, send us your Booking Request, immediately to:







Please be sure to send over all the necessary information to the correct email address.

1. Full Name
2. Total Dogs + Names + Photos (if applicable)
3. Total Humans – includes ages for children 16 and under
4. Contact Number
5. Preferred Time Slot

As always, this is open to both Owners & Lovers so you don’t need your own little dog to come and enjoy the cafe experience!

For more information on how to book for this event, visit our easy to digest FAQ.


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