Pug Cafe & Dachshund Cafe at The Florist – Guest Information

If you have a booking and are attending either Pug Cafe on Sunday 17th March or Dachshund Cafe Bristol at The Florist on Saturday 16th March, please have a read of the following information prior to your visit.

Please note this is a strictly booking only event, and is SOLD OUT. You must have a confirmed booking to attend as we do not allow walk ins under any circumstances.

What to Expect

This is our first visit to Bristol! Our events are especially for dogs, owners and dog lovers. Inside our beautiful venue – The Florist – you’ll find a menu dedicated to dogs that will include both food and drinks including pupuccinos, cocktails and more.

There will also be a human menu with a range of delicious food and drinks (hot, soft and plenty of fizzy tipples!) so you and your dog can enjoy a pupuccino and a latte together, or a cocktail or two!

Our events have a fun, party atmosphere and we encourage you to get out of your seat and mingle – meet fellow dogs and owners, and lovers, and enjoy this wonderful doggy day out. The Florist is picture perfect so make sure you take a photo of your pup infront of their famous flower wall before you go.

As always, this event will be off-lead so let your dog off and please enjoy the event. We work hard to ensure it’s safe for your dog so you can sit back and relax!

Photo 02-02-2019, 19 51 08

Dog Etiquette & Care

While we make every effort to ensure the venue is safe for your dog, please do keep a watch over your dog at the event as we do not take responsibility of their care.

You must ensure your dog has peed and pooped prior to your time slot.

If they have an accident and toilet inside the venue, please take responsibility for your dog’s mess – we will have cleaning supplies and dog poo bags on hand for you to clean up.

We understand it may take a while for your dog to settle into this new environment, but if you feel your dog is really not enjoying the cafe experience then you are able to leave at any time – please just ask a member of staff to help you leave safely.

If your dog is in season they MUST NOT attend. This is for their own safety and the safety and well being of the dogs attending. If you bring your dog in season you will be asked to leave immediately.

Dog lovers at the event are given a small amount of high quality grain-free kibble to make friends with the dogs attending. If you prefer dog lovers not to give your dog any treats please ask for a ‘DO NOT FEED’ bandana to borrow at the cafe. We also have ‘ANXIOUS’ bandanas.

Weather & Temperature

We are expecting rain showers and highs of 10 degrees this weekend so we don’t expect the venue to get too hot. There will be floor fans to keep the dogs nice and cool, but as the event will be fun and busy please do bring any additional cooling aids your dog may need.

There will be two water stations for the dogs, and we will also keep cooling mats and blankets on hand should your dog get a little over-excited.


Dog Lovers

Dog lovers really make our events super special and we really want you to enjoy this experience as much as possible! From past events we have found dog lovers really have a great time when they get as close to the action as possible so please don’t be afraid to get down on the floor and feel involved – get down to their level and make friends.

Every dog attending is there with their owner so don’t be afraid to chat to people, and if you’d like a stroke or a cuddle with their dog then just ask – most people love if you give their dog attention. As a dog lover we invite you to come and enjoy this experience with them, and we encourage you to really make the most of your time here – and have fun! But, if an owner would prefer you not feed their dog or crowd them too much please respect this.

Some dogs may have special dietary requirements – they will be wearing ‘DO NOT FEED’ bandanas so please respect this and avoid feeding them any treats. We also have bandanas for anxious pups which will say ‘NERVOUS’ so please be mindful of this.

Due to the unique nature of the event, if there are no-shows from owners there won’t be as many dogs as we had planned so please understand this is beyond our control.

Arrival at Our Event

The Florist is located on a busy main road so please be careful when arriving. We strongly recommend you do not arrive any more than 10-15 minutes before your time slot. If you arrive early please wait outside and stand in the queue – a staff member will direct you.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee you will be able to wait inside so please bare this in mind, and bring an umbrella incase it is raining.

Confirmation Email & Entering

The Pug Cafe team will sign you in prior to the slot starting, please stand in line and show us your booking confirmation either on your phone or printed off and have it ready to present. A Pug Cafe team member will check your confirmation email, and tick you off the list.

Your time slot will be 70 minutes long, and while you are allowed to leave early at any time, if you arrive late, unfortunately, you won’t be able to stay longer than your allocated time.

If you arrive late or need to leave early, please ask a Pug Cafe team member to help you enter and leave safely. As there are dogs off lead, you must not open the doors / barrier alone.

Inside the Venue

The Florist is a beautiful venue with a mix of seating – bar stools, sofas, dining chairs, and large tables. A staff member will help you pick a seat and table that suits you best.

This event is fully booked so to ensure everyone has a seat we ask you take up a table appropriate for your party size.

pug cafe bristol the florist

In some cases you may need to share a large sharing table with other guests – this is a super friendly event so we encourage you to get to know your neighbours!

As the seating is not allocated, if you prefer to have your pick of the seats we strongly suggest you arrive a little earlier and get in the queue so you are first to be seated.

Once the event is in full swing and the dogs are off lead we find lots of our guests prefer to be up and about talking to other guests and making friends with the dogs.

Wheelchair/ Pram Access

The event will take place in the Bar / Private Area of The Florist which is located upstairs. This means guests will have to climb several stairs to get to the area, and unfortunately, there is no lift access meaning it is not accessible for wheelchairs.

Inside the Bar /Private Area there are a further few steps separating the upper level to the lower level so please be aware of this. If you are concerned, please contact Anushka at anushka@pugcafe.com


Pug Cafe and Dachshund Cafe are off-lead events which means there will be dogs off lead inside. This is what makes our event truly special and enjoyable for the dogs – they get to enjoy socialising with other dogs in a safe area!

We do everything possible to secure the venue and there will be doggy barriers infront of the entrance – please do not attempt to remove this barrier by yourself if wish to leave the venue early.

Food & Drink

The Florist will run a menu for humans and you can view it at The Florist Menu Online.

Please refrain from bringing your own drinks and food, like you would any normal cafe, unless it is for babies or young children.

You can order food and drinks at the Bar, or alternatively there will be a server taking orders from tables so whichever you prefer! Please note, if you are in the 9am time slot drinks will be served from this time but the kitchen opens at 9.30am so food will be served after this.

Please be careful when eating food – especially chocolate – around the dogs. We cannot take responsibility if they accidentally ingests food that they cannot eat.

There will be a menu for dogs – brought to you in part by Rudi’s The Doggy Bakery. All items on this menu include dog-friendly ingredients, and an ingredients list will be available for you to look at. Please note all items are chargeable and range in price from £1 – £2.50.

paw cocktail pug cafe bristol florist

You can buy dog treats at the Bar where we will also be serving doggy cocktails made from dog-friendly, natural ingredients.

The puguccino/pupuccino consists of a small amount of whipped cream topped with a dog biscuit. This is complimentary and available at the bar – you can tell the staff your dog’s name and they will serve your puguccino/pupuccino.

We can only accept cash for dog purchases so make sure you bring cash with you if you would like to buy any dog treats. Puguccinos/pupuccinos are free, but all other drinks and food (for both dogs & humans) are chargeable as normal.

Exiting the Venue

You will be able to exit the venue from a separate entrance to that of which you entered from to make it easier for guests to enter and exit before and after time slots. After your slot, you are welcome to continue eating and drinking in the lower bar of The Florist!

florist bristol pug cafe inside restaurant


Smile! We will be taking photos and videos on the day and hope you will too. We may not be able to capture every dog or guest so if you would like your photo taken please ask James who will happily snap you.

Social Sharing

We would love for you to share photos of your experience at our event. Please upload your photos and videos and tag us in so we can see them. Our venue The Florist would also love if you could tag them in any posts!

Our social channels are as follows:

Pug Cafe

Facebook – www.facebook.com/pugcafeuk
Instagram – www.instagram.com/popuppugcafe

Dachshund Cafe

Facebook – www.facebook.com/dachshundcafeuk
Instagram – www.instagram.com/thedachshundcafe


Facebook – www.facebook.com/thefloristbristol
Instagram – www.instagram.com/thefloristuk

Car Parking

The Florist is in the city centre so there is no on-site venue car parking, but there are several parking options available, please search Parkopedia with the address 69 Park St, Bristol BS1 5PB to find a comprehensive list.

The nearest and largest car parks are:

Trenchard Street Car Park – £2.50 for 2 hours / 936 spaces / 7 minute walk to venue Trenchard Street West End Bristol BS1 5AN

College Street Car Park – £2.50 for 2 hours / 936 spaces / 8 minute walk to venue College Street St George’s Road Bristol BS1 5UU

West End Car Park – £2.50 for 2 hours / 750 spaces / 12 minute walk to venue Berkeley Place Bristol BS8 1EH.

For cheaper car parking alternatives that can be pre-booked please visit https://www.justpark.com/


Nearest train station to The Florist is Bristol Temple Meads which is a 28 minute walk away or 8 minute car drive.

First Aid

Pug Cafe team members are trained in dog first aid so if you have any concerns please see James at the venue. If for any reason your dog requires urgent veterinary help, we will help you call VetsNow – 0117 971 3111 – to arrange an emergency appointment at the nearest vet.

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