Chihuahua Cafe coming to London

A CHIHUAHUA CAFE is making its way to London…

YES! Stop everything, because it’s the news you’ve been waiting for. A cafe dedicated to the original little Diva dog is here so you can enjoy lunch with a seriously cute side of doggy cuddles.

Chihuahua Cafe is brought to you by the famous Pug Cafe in association with Pet Teezer, to celebrate the launch of their new Pet Teezer Small brushes – perfect for pint-sized pups!

Taking place at The Happenstance in St Paul’s, as a London Chihuahua owner and lover, you’re invited to come along and share your love of the sassiest little breed over cake & cocktails.

Whether you want to bring your own little Chihuahua out for the paw-fect doggy day out and spoil them with the cutest café experience, or just surround yourself with dogs for the day…

Get yourself to Chihuahua Cafe on Sunday 21st July for brunch, an Aperol Sniff and a table next to some fabulous little Chis.

Chihuahua Cafe will be dedicated to all things Chihuahua with plenty of fun and fabulous photo opps for the insta-savvy pup. There’ll be a whole menu dedicated to dogs including pupcakes, dognuts, barkscotti, pupcorn, pawsecco and more. Every Chihuahua will also receive a free pupuccino on the house!

Plus, to celebrate the launch of Pet Teezer’s small brushes, the first 200 Chihuahua Owners to book into Chihuahua Cafe will receive a FREE Pet Teezer Small brush worth £10*.

chihuahua cafe london pet teezer

This is the pawfect opportunity for your Chihuahua to enjoy the most talked about doggy day out, meet and make friends with other fabulous Chihuahuas, and enjoy some delicious treats!

Humans, you can also enjoy a menu of tasty dishes, delicious coffee, cocktails and more at The Happenstance. Whether you want to share a latte & puppucino, or a glass of Fizz & a pawsecco – you’ll love sharing this experience with your lil’ bestie.

chihuahua cafe london
Don’t have your own Chihuahua? Don’t worry, you can still enjoy Chihuahua Cafe! Dog lovers can come and meet some new four-legged pals, and enjoy plenty of doggy cuddles.

Come help us celebrate the release of Pet Teezer’s new small brushes. Featuring all the brilliance of their two-tier teeth technology Tangle Teezer brushes, the new Pet Teezer Small brushes see them scaled down to Chihuahua-friendly size for a more enjoyable, less intimidating grooming experience.

These new smaller-sized Pet Teezers are proportionately sized to gently groom fur and reach the delicate face folds, ears, nooks and crannies of smaller dogs such as the beloved Chi. Check out Pet Teezer on Facebook to find out more!

This one-off event is brought to you by the organisers of Pug Cafe, the doggy day out everyone is talking about. Pug Cafe events have been seen and heard on ITV, Sky News, BBC, The Telegraph, Marie Claire, LADbible, Metro and more!

Chihuahua Cafe is organised into 75 minute time slots that start at 10am, 11.15am, 12.30pm, 1.45pm, 3pm and 4.15pm (5.30pm TBC).

Chihuahua Owners £10
Chihuahua Lovers £14

Booking opens & tickets available from 10am on Saturday 15th June 2019

SIGN UP to our Mailing List now to be the first to book.

Mark yourself as attending or interested on our FACEBOOK EVENT.

LIKE our PAGE to keep up to date with events & Pet Teezer

*Free Pet Teezer Brush worth £10 limited to One Brush per Chihuahua Owner Booking, first 200 Bookings only.


We’ve answered some Frequently Asked Questions for Chihuahua Cafe London.

If you can’t find the answer to your question, please contact us.

When and where is this Chihuahua Cafe?

Sunday 21st July 2019 at The Happenstance, 10 Paternoster Square, London EC4M 7DX.

What is Chihuahua Cafe?

Chihuahua Cafe is a pop up cafe. It is a one day ‘event’ that is hosted by events company Pug Cafe & in association with Pet Teezer.

Do I need a booking?

Yes! You need a confirmed booking to attend as all Pug Cafe events are strictly booking only and we do not allow walk-ins.

Is this event for all breeds?

All our events are breed specific and this event is only for Chihuahuas and Chihuahua crosses.

What can I expect at Chihuahua Cafe?

Treat your furry best friend to a special cafe experience just for them! They’ll get to tuck into treats, meet lots of sassy new friends, mingle and rub paws in a safe, off-lead space. The perfect doggy day out! There’ll be a menu dedicated to small dogs, and free pupuccinos.

You’ll also get to meet fellow Chihuahua owners, and enjoy delicious food and drinks – a great paw-ty atmosphere! Dog lovers who don’t have their own dog are welcome to the pop up cafe, and can expect to meet lots of Chihuahuas, make new friends both furry and human, and enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience perfect for any dog lover.

This event is in collaboration with Pet Teezer to celebrate the release of their new small size brushes that are perfectly sized for your petite pup! You can expect plenty of fun Pet Teezer photo opportunities, too.

The first 200 Chihuahua Owner Bookings will receive a free Pet Teezer worth £10*

Is there a Facebook event for this?

Yes – please RSVP at our Chihuahua Cafe Event page to receive notifications about the event including when booking is open. Please note, by RSVP-ing as attending this does not mean you are booked for the event.

chihuahua cafe london

How do I book if I am a CHIHUAHUA OWNER?

Booking opens 10am on Saturday 15th June 2019. All bookings are made over email.

We will release a booking email address at this time and you will need to email us with the following details:

1. Your Full Name
2. Number of Chihuahuas – include their names & photos (we will need this for your ticket)
3. Number of Humans – include ages of children 16 & under so we can calculate your discount
4. Your preferred time slot from 10am, 11.15am, 12.30pm, 1.45pm, 3pm and 4.15pm.

If you are completely flexible please state but only if you are 100% flexible.

Our events are extremely popular so we strongly advise you send your booking request as soon as the booking email is released if you hope to be successful. It is worth preparing the email in advance and keeping it ready to send!

We take your details in order to make your booking, please see our Privacy Policy.

What are the time slots available?

The time slots are 75 minutes long and start at 10am, 11.15am, 12.30pm, 1.45pm, 3pm and 4.15pm.

How do I book if I am a CHIHUAHUA LOVER*?
* Someone who is not bringing a Chihuahua with them

Booking opens 10am on Saturday 15th July. All bookings are made over email.

We will release a booking email address at this time and you will need to email us with the following details:

1. Your Full Name
2. Total Humans – please include ages of children 16 and under so we can calculate your discount
3. Contact Number
4. Your preferred time slot from 10am, 11.15am, 12.30pm, 1.45pm, 3pm and 4.15pm.
If you are completely flexible please state so but only if you are 100% flexible.

Where will the booking email addresses be published?

You will find the booking email addresses on,, and the Facebook event page.

What happens after I’ve sent you my booking request?

We will start processing the requests in the order we receive them, and you should start to hear back within 12 hours but it can take up to 3 days. If you have been successful we will reply to you offering you a time slot, and include the terms of your booking, if you agree you will need to make payment via PayPal.Me.

If we are already fully booked by the time we get to your booking email, we will email you to let you know and ask if you would like to join our waiting list. We will then contact you if and when space becomes available.

How do I pay if I have been successful with my request?

You will need to pay via the PayPal.Me link we send you so please ensure you have signed up for a PayPal account prior to booking. You must pay your booking fee within 48 hours. We will then send your confirmation email to you once we have received payment.

How much is it to attend?

£10 each for Chihuahua Owners and £14 each for Chihuahua Lovers.
Children 16 and under receive a 20% discount.
Children 6 and under go FREE.
All Chihuahuas go FREE.

What does this include?

Primarily, the fee covers your entry to the event. We charge a fee as it takes time and resources to organise events of this scale, and we have a team of staff who work hard to ensure this event is enjoyed by both dogs and humans.

Chihuahua Owners will receive a complimentary pupuccino for each of their dogs and Chihuahua Lovers (those not booked in with a dog) will receive a bag of dog treats so they can make friends with the Chihuahuas.

Professional photos taken at the event are also available online post-event, free of charge.

How can I claim my free Pet Teezer small brush?

The first 200 Chihuahua Owner bookings will receive a free Pet Teezer small brush worth £10. Your booking confirmation (which acts as your ticket) will state you are guest entitled to a free brush – you can show us this on the day and collect your free gift.
Please note it is limited to one free brush per booking.

chihuahua cafe london pet teezer

Do I need to print off my booking confirmation?

You should print your booking confirmation email and bring it with you on the day. Alternatively, you can also show it to us on your phone if this is more convenient for you.

Can I swap my slot with someone else?

Please do not swap your slot with another guest or give away your time slot whether that be personally, via online giveaway or competition. It is forbidden to sell your booking on.
All changes must be made through Pug Cafe via the booking email. We only accept transfer requests if you are ill, your dog is unwell or has come into season, or you have extenuating circumstances, and it will always be at the discretion of the Pug Cafe team.

Do you have a refund policy?

We operate a strict refund policy and this will be outlined to you in your Booking Terms and Conditions.

Can I just turn up?

All Pug Cafe events are strictly booking only and you will not be able to come to the event without a confirmed booking. In order to attend you must have read and agreed to our Booking Terms and Conditions prior to paying for your booking.

Does my Chihuahua have to meet certain criteria to attend Chihuahua Cafe?

Yes! If you are bringing your Chihuahua, they must be:
Friendly and well socialised with other dogs
Up to to date with their vaccinations
Healthy and not showing any symptoms of contagious illness nor suffering (or recently suffered) from Kennel Cough.
NOT IN SEASON at the event

Will the venue be open as normal that day?

The Happenstance will be closed to the public for the day.

Will this event be safe?

We pride ourselves on putting on safe events – you can read our Pug Cafe Reviews on Facebook. Our main priority is to host a safe and fun event for both dogs and humans which is why we take manual bookings and adhere to a strict capacity limit.

This is a risk-assessed event, and we will do everything possible to ensure it is safe for all those attending. Unlike other dog events, Pug Cafe does not use a third party ticketing site and we will ensure your time slot has a happy mix of dogs, humans, families, children etc.

How many Chihuahuas can I bring?

Maximum five, but if you want to bring more please request in your booking email. It may not be fulfilled, but we will always try our best to fit in your party.

Always ensure you are bringing enough people to help take care of all your dogs! Please do not make large group bookings, if you wish to be in the same slot as your friends please let us know in your email and we will try to accommodate you.

Are Chihuahua crosses allowed?

Yes absolutely! Please be sure to tell us what mix they are in your booking email.

Are other breeds allowed to attend?

At Chihuahua Cafe only Chihuahuas are able to attend.

Should I bring an anxious Chihuahua?

The event will see many dogs and people attending, if your dog is anxious or nervous then it is up to you as a responsible owner to decide whether the event is suitable for them. We do have ‘ANXIOUS’ bandanas you can borrow for your time slot.

You can speak to us at any time to discuss any concerns you may have and we can advise.

Do I need a Chihuahua to attend Chihuahua Cafe?

Chihuahua Cafe is primarily for Chihuahua owners, but we do have many allocates spaces per time slot for guests without dogs. We always welcome dog lovers to events – it’s a great opportunity to learn about the breed from owners, make friends, enjoy the company of the dogs and enjoy the unique experience.

chihuahua cafe london

Car Parking

Our recommendation for parking close to the event is:

Baynard House Multi-Storey 133 Queen Victoria City of London London EC4V 4BQ £3 for all day parking on Sunday with 233 spaces and an 8 minute walk to the venue.

Please check Parkopedia for several other parking options (including free parking) – just type in the venue address 10 Paternoster Sq., London EC4M 7DX and a list of nearby car parks will come up.

For cheaper car parking alternatives that can be pre-booked, please visit


The nearest station is St Paul’s Tube Station which is a 2 minute walk.

First Aid

Pug Cafe team members are trained in dog first aid so if you have any concerns please see James at the venue. If for any reason your pug requires urgent veterinary help, we will help you call the Clerkenwell Animal Hospital – 0207 017 8950 – to arrange an emergency appointment at the nearest vet

How can I meet fellow guests?

Please join our group CHIHUAHUA CAFE to meet both your fellow four-legged and human guests. You can get to know guests in your time slot prior to the event, share your photos from the event and lots more. This group is open to dog owners and dog lovers!

*Free Pet Teezer small brush is limited to one free brush per Chihuahua owner booking. For example, if you book for three chihuahuas in one booking you will only receive one brush. Free gift is only for the first 200 bookings made.

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