Pug Cafe™ is a pop up event dedicated to pugs FOR pugs. Our team transform regular coffee houses and cafes into Pug Cafes for the day so pugs and pug crosses can come and enjoy a famous PUGUCCINO™ or two.

Pug Cafe™ is not a petting cafe. Oh no, our event is all about the PUG! We want to give your beloved pug a truly unique cafe experience and focus on providing a menu dedicated to dogs and creating a safe space to meet fellow pugs, and play and run around.

As for the humans, well, we want you to come to Pug Cafe™ and spoil your pug to some treats, share a cappuccino and a PUGUCCINO™ together and maybe even some (pup)cake. This is all about enjoying a cafe experience together and both you and your pug making some new friends.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a pug, at Pug Cafe we welcome pug lovers to come and enjoy our events too. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet lots of pugs, make friends, and enjoy a cafe surrounded by our curly-tailed pals.

We have been to cities around the UK including Manchester, Liverpool, London, Birmingham, Nottingham and Brighton. Our tour of the UK continues so please do subscribe to our mailing list to find out about upcoming events.

Pugs and Hugs,