Hi there!

My name is Anushka and I organise Pug Cafe.

I organise my local pug meet up and back in May I hosted the world’s first Pop Up Pug Cafe in my hometown of Guildford and it was a dream come true! I mean, pugs and coffee are my two favourite things in the world. Not to mention cake… lots and lots of cake. So to combine it all together was incredible.

The Pug Cafe events started off as a relatively small coffee morning for pugs, but after a video went viral overnight (thanks GetSurrey – we love you) it’s become a really big and exciting event attracting pug owners and pug lovers from across the UK.

Together with my partner James, and our office assistant Bertie the Pug, we’re working super hard to bring our Pug Cafe to towns and cities across the UK.